8th — 11th
July 2021

A festival of unlearning and reimagining

The Realisation Festival is an annual agenda-setting event that seeks to advance societal transformation in a soulful way.   FIND OUT MORE

The festival takes place at St Giles House, the home of past politicians, philosophers and social reformers who have had a profound impact on the society in which we live. FIND OUT MORE

Our vision is to bring together a wide diversity of people with different views and perspectives to stimulate discussion, provide new insights and allow participants to learn and share ideas with others. Workshops will encourage participants to think, feel and explore what system change feels and looks like, and to reimagine what we are capable of.

We are holding a smaller gathering limited to 80 places, in our first year, to help shape and evolve the not-for-profit festival, with a view to growing in subsequent years and developing a programme of festival-related activities throughout the year. Tickets cost £295 and include all food, talks and activities during the festival and there is a range of accommodation options. Would you like to be part of it? BUY A TICKET


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What are the
big questions
of our times
asking of us?

Participants are asked to come with their disquiets, convictions and skills, to collaborate in an exploration of broad questions such as Who are “we”? What marks our times? How do we resource society, soul and politics for social transformation? How do we live with soul in a troubled society? How can a space like St Giles can help us think about 21st-century challenges such as climate emergency, racial division and gender inequality, social technologies and surveillance capitalism?

We will explore how to foster a holistic social conversation that evokes qualities of heart, mind and spirit that are non-ordinary, that take us beyond our habit energies and out of ourselves to look afresh at the crises we face.

A festival of unlearning and reimagining