A gathering of unlearning and reimagining nature

This year’s Realisation weekend will be a journey of individual and shared encounter focused on the theme of reconsidering our relationship with nature.  Can we challenge ourselves to rediscover ways of relating to and knowing the living world around and within us? This must be done not only practically but, equally importantly, imaginatively.

Participants will be inspired by conversations with leading thinkers and economists, artists and activists. How do we radically misunderstand nature? Are we uncoupled from our own natures? What light are current crises shedding upon our ways of living? Are we being invited to rediscover the nature of life from the inside out?

Alongside more formal conversations, the programme includes time to enjoy workshops as well as the parkland around St Giles House. The aim is to have the chance of engaging with unsettling difficulties and tremendous possibilities at the level of mind, body and spirit. Each participant will be invited to belong to a small group, for sharing of experiences and development of connections.   Through talks, walks, movement, food, workshops and meditative space, the Realisation gathering aims to create an experience that is intellectually, physically and spiritually nourishing, to drive change and foster understanding.

If you feel the pressure and the potential of being alive now and seek an opportunity to take a step back with others of soul and energy, do consider joining us.

As an educational space, St Giles’s green landscape encourages participants to reflect on their relationship to enquiry, dialogue and well-being as tools for social change. The setting will also provide a connection with the natural environment to help inform questions around our relationship with nature and the planet.

The gathering of thinkers and artists, pioneers and practitioners, performers and dreamers is hosted by the 12th Earl of Shaftesbury in collaboration with the team of expert generalists at Perspectiva as a charitable venture.

Head, heart
& resolution

We will meet over four days (9th-12th June 2022) in a beautiful country house that’s been at the heart of political, philosophical and social reform for generations.

Realisation 2022 builds on our gathering in July 2021 and arises from a conviction that we live at a pivotal but precarious juncture; a time of reckoning that calls for candid, careful and courageous reflection in order to ‘realise’ a more beautiful, imaginative and thoughtful society.

The aim is to foster a greater sense of clarity and a renewed consciousness of the needs of our time, while having a joyful and memorable time together. The weekend will include keynote panels, public dialogue, and embodiment workshops that allow insights to emerge organically. The input from expert speakers will range over history, philosophy, politics, society, nature, science and spirituality.